Frequently Asked Questions

Is the play tent cover easy to grow? I don’t have a “green thumb.”

No worries. Yes, this is a low maintenance, hard-to-kill plant for kids. There’s nothing special you need to do to care for it. Just give it water and sunlight. In fact, it can grow right on your lawn and let your sprinklers do the watering. Plus, we offer our Easy to Grow Guarantee: if it doesn’t grow the way you expect, we’ll send you replacement seeds for FREE.

I live in a cold climate with a short growing season. How much “play life” will my kids get out of it?

We selected this vine because it’s more cold tolerant than other green beans and can be grown at higher elevations so it can thrive nearly everywhere in the US up through southern Canada. For example, we’re headquartered in Idaho at the base of the Rocky Mountain range and the vines will flourish from about May through October. So 5 - 6 months of “play life” every year. More in warmer climates.

How long do my kids have to wait for the tent to be fully covered?

This bean vine grows super fast! The vines will create the play tent cover in just 6-8 weeks from sprouting. 

Will the play tent become buggie?

The vine mostly attracts pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies, and honeybees because of its bright red flowers and nectar. If your region naturally has a lot of bugs, planting Marigold flowers around the base of the tent can help repel unwanted insects. Overall, it has not been our experience that it gets buggie.

What does the vine tent look like in Year 2 and beyond?

The vine is an heirloom variety which means you can harvest the bean seeds in the fall and plant them again every spring. The vine will give you virtually UNLIMITED seeds year after year!

Is the vine safe for kids and pets?

Yes. Even the flowers are edible! You can snack on the tender, young green pods right off the vine. In the fall, when the beans mature and get hard, they’ll need to be fully cooked in order to be consumed safely like any other dried beans.

I don’t have a big yard. Can it grow on a patio?

Yes. Bury the bamboo poles in at least 4 gallon containers on a sunny patio, sow the colorful seeds and you’re good to go. 

Could the tent blow away on a windy day?

Be sure to bury the bamboo poles a few inches into the ground to anchor the tent structure when you set it up. Bamboo is a strong and flexible wood. So far it has withstood many spring and summer rainstorms.


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Kids play tent with seedlings in a bean teepee