The Seed Play Love Story

Hola! A bit about me:

My name is Monique (Diaz) Evancic and I’m a Mompreneur and Founder of Seed Play Love. I am the daughter of Cuban immigrants. My family left the island in the 1960’s when Castro took over. My grandpa (abuelo) had been a farmer, so when they landed in California he carried on what he knew how to do. His backyard was filled with citrus trees, and dwarf bananas, yuca (cassava root), and other tasty produce familiar to him. My parents had to work full time so I spent my childhood summers at my abuelo’s house. One of the plantings was a bean teepee. It wasn’t all Pinteresty cute like the kits I’ve now designed, but I spent hours in that shady hideaway as it became a draw for the neighborhood kids to come over. 

Now that I'm a parent, launching Seed Play Love is what me “going back to work” looks like. I’ve created an outdoor version of the popular indoor canvas play teepees designed to bring families together over a season of shared experiences. Unbeknownst to him, my abuelo’s yard was my introduction to the fun and tradition of urban gardening with children. He is now 96 years young and lives near me.

I am also a bilingual public speaker. Most notably, I delivered a TEDx Talk revealing the surprising, and sometimes scandalous, meanings of flowers to craft expressive arrangements for the people you love — and those you don’t. 

I am proud to live in Boise, the city of trees, with my husband who keeps our home filled with lilies and levity throughout the year. We spend our days (and some nights!) chasing after our 30 lb daughter and 100 lb dog.

I hope you enjoy our living backyard play tents and you get joy (and nutrition!) out of them. Gracias!

Monique Evancic Founder & Mompreneur Boise, ID

 Proud to support the Boise Urban Garden School, whose mission is to grow healthy communities and inquiring minds.