Dad and boys playing with backyard play tent

Lesson: The Power of Make Believe

January 8 2020
Non-structured play time is important for the development of a child's mind and body. Pretend pla...
Mother and boy blowing bubbles near backyard play tent

Lesson: Practicing Patience

December 11 2019
Growing a plant from scratch is an exercise in patience. This is certainly a good lesson for kids...
Illustration of how photosynthesis works in plants

Lesson: Photosynthesis

December 11 2019
Searching for an outdoor science school with free tuition? Look no further than your own backyard...
child snacks on green beans from kids teepee play tent

Lesson: Become Friends with Beans

December 11 2019
Growing up in a Hispanic household, I was raised on frijoles (beans) and arroz (rice). Beans and ...