Lesson: The Power of Make Believe

Dad and boys playing with backyard play tent

Non-structured play time is important for the development of a child's mind and body. Pretend play or role playing in their teepee tent gives kids the opportunity to experience:

  • empathy
  • problem-solving
  • curiosity
  • social skills
  • courage
  • decision-making
  • creativity

You don't necessarily have to facilitate imaginative play but reading stories aloud in the tent together will encourage young kids to act out the scenarios and characters in their books. Also, items like dress-up clothes, cardboard boxes from old Amazon packages, and blankets help develop their dramatic play skills because they are pretty versatile. As a bonus, it lures kids away from electronics and moms and dads can choose to join the role playing fun or take a well-deserved breather. Pow!


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Mother and boy blowing bubbles near backyard play tent

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